Removing Site Publisher

Site Publisher is a great way to quickly set up a one-page website as a placeholder while you work on building up your website using WordPress, Jooma, or another application. However, unlike other applications, like those we offer through Softaculous, there is no one-click uninstall for Site Publisher.

When you no longer want to use the Site Publisher page you need to manually uninstall it. To do that, login to your cPanel, and navigate to the Files section. From here, click File Manager

1 cPanel FileManager Removing Site Publisher

Use the File Manager’s directory listing on the left to navigate the directory you installed Site Publisher, for most installs,  will be public_html. Double click the icon to enter the directory.

2 cPanel FileManager PublicHTML Removing Site Publisher

Remove the Site Publisher files and directories. They are  assets, images, index.html, LICENSE.txt, and sitemap.xml

To do that, hold down the control key and click each file/directory to highlight it, then click the delete button.

3 cPanel FileManager SelectSitePubFilesDelete Removing Site Publisher

As always, if you’re having trouble or need some help, simply open a support ticket with us.

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