How do I setup my voicemail

Voicemail setup is done through the Arcane Voice portal. You can log in to the portal at or via the client billing area when viewing the details for your voice service by clicking the “Access Voice Portal” button.

Once in the voice portal, select Voicemail from the services menu, then select the Add New Voicemail tab.

Fill out the fields and click the save voicemail button. You can have multiple voicemail boxes set up on your account. Only the first 3 fields are required, for the ID, we recommend using the last 4 digits of your phone number. But it can be anything not already used elsewhere in our system. We also recommend setting an email address, this will forward your voicemails to this address. Additional options are configurable in the bottom section of this screen.

4 Screenshot 2021 05 23 100611 How do I setup my voicemail

Once you have a mailbox setup, you must assign it to your phone number (also referred to as a DID).

  1. Go to Services-> My Services -> DIDs List tab
  2. Click on the Edit DID button next to the phone number you want to assign the voicemail to.
  3. In the voicemail dropdown, select the mailbox you created
  4. Click the Save Changes button



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