Adding a new email account

In the client portal, click on your email service in the active services section of the dashboard, once there, click on Email Accounts

8 Screenshot 2021 08 23 110657 Adding a new email account


Press ‘Create Email Account’ and select to which domain it shall be added, type or generate a password.

Our plans do not allow unlimited quota or messages, so you must specify them here. Uncheck unlimited and enter values for them as such:

Custom Quota: this is the storage space available for this email account. The limit is dependant on the total storage available in your plan. We recommend at least 5000mb here, but it’s dependant on how many other email accounts you have in your plan. If you’re unsure contact support. 

Sending limit: This is how many emails this email account is allowed to send per day. This is required so that users cannot abuse our system. You should set this to any number you like that you know you won’t reach, such as 500. 

10 Screenshot 2021 08 23 111547 Adding a new email account


Click create, and you should now be able to send and receive email using the new account.

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