How to Use OX App Suite

How to Use OX App Suite #

OX App Suite offers professional, reliable email with many features at an affordable price.

Manage Email Accounts #

After you purchase OX App Suite or OX App Suite + Productivity, it will appear in your Client Area Dashboard.

To manage OX App Suite for a domain, select that domain and click Manage. You will see a list of OX App Suite email addresses and, below the email addresses, email client details, and other information.

Create User #

To add an email address, click Create User. Then, fill out the form and click Add.

Manage Account #

To manage an email address, click Manage Account. You can update the account’s Display NameFirst Name, and Last Name.

Set Password #

To set the password for an account, click Set Password. Then, enter and confirm the new password, or click Generate to generate a new password.

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