Virtual Private Servers

VPS - Performance and Control

Do you need the power of a VPS but don’t have the experience and manpower to manage it? Leave it to us, all our VPS plans are fully managed, leaving you to focus on what’s important. If you need a fully functional website on your VPS, contact us to get a quote.

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What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This is a type of hosting where a physical server is subdivided into a number of virtual servers. In other words, when you opt for VPS hosting, you actually get your own portion of a physical server where you can run your own operating system using your own allotted disk space and bandwidth. You have full admin rights and can install most any application. A VPS environment is just like owning your own dedicated server except it exists on a physical server that is shared with you and other VPS hosting clients.

Is a VPS Better Than Shared Hosting?

The main difference between VPS and shared hosting is that in the former several users and websites use the same server and required resources and in VPS hosting, one physical server is virtually partitioned into several private servers that can be individually managed.
In short, VPS hosting is very similar to a dedicated server and allows more flexibility than shared hosting.