Domain Validated (OV)

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Domain Validated (DV) certificates are basic SSL products that are typically the lowest in cost. These quick and easy certificates can usually be issued in just a matter of minutes, as the Certificate Authority (CA) only needs to verify that the person receiving the certificate owns the domain they wish to cover.


Who should buy a DV Certificate?

Because DV certificates are the most basic SSL option out there, they are mostly recommended for internal sites, testing sites, and any other website where customer trust is not of much importance. These certificates do offer similar levels of encryption as more premium Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates, but do not offer much in way of SSL and trust indicators.

Can I change the domain name on a purchased certificate?

No, the common name (or domain name) cannot be changed on a purchased SSL certificate. If you need to change the common name that the SSL certificate has been issued to, you will need to cancel the certificate and reorder with the correct common name.

Will a basic DV certificate work on a mail server?

Yes, a basic DV certificate will work on a mail server. We do have certain certificates available, like the Comodo UC Certificate, that have been designed to work exclusively within an Exchange environment and may be more compatible – but a basic DV certificate will also work.

What are the requirements for a DV Certificate?

The Certificate Authority must simply verify that the person or organization applying for the certificate owns the registered domain