6 New Privacy Laws in 2023 and How They Impact Websites

Privacy Law 2023
6 New Privacy Laws in 2023 and How They Impact Websites

There are 6 new privacy laws going into effect next year, each requiring new Privacy Policy disclosures for applicable website owners. The new laws are:

Do These Apply To You? Like all privacy laws, these laws can also apply to website owners located outside of those states/territories. These privacy laws also have ‘qualifiers,’. A qualifier means that just because you collect the personal information from residents of these areas, you still have to exceed certain business size and data processing thresholds for the laws to apply, such as generating more than $25,000,000 in revenue per year as one example.

Privacy laws change on a regular basis and it’s becoming increasingly important to abide by them to avoid any issues. A great way to protect yourself is to have a privacy policy in place. Arcane Technology Solutions partners with Termageddon to provide professionally written privacy polices that will automatically update as laws change, so you’re always protected.

Learn more about Termageddon and purchase a privacy policy for your website.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season! Reach out anytime!

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